Jane Zhang

Beautiful lass Jane Zhang is all ready to capture the hearts of international fans and achieve the satus as the first pop queen from China. Her first English-language album is all set to hit the stores next year. With this Jane will be the first Chinese pop star to attain international stardom. She has already made an impact on the international arena by performing tracks and has also appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show once.

Jane became a household name in 2005 when she was declared as the second runner-up in Super Girl, a Chinese TV singing contest. Soon she was dubbed as the Dolphin Princess -- in China the ability to hit high notes is termed as dolphin notes.

Interestingly, Jane's debut album 'The One' was produced by American Producer Craig Williams; along with American Executive Producer Reid Hyams. Her next album, Update, broke away from the Chinese pop scene by combining elements of R&B and jazz. Her latest single "Dust My Shoulders Off", an upbeat track produced by Timbaland, had more than 5.8 million views on YouTube and the single reached top five in the iTunes chart, a first for a Chinese artist. She has also won a number of accolades and awards.

It is heard that Jane and her production team continuously worked for 48 hours to shoot her English video. She feels that the content has to appeal people across different cultures. "I have painted over and over again throughout the production. It was painful to remove the makeup. My face was swollen after we finished the shooting for the second painting," she was quoted by BBC.

The video's Taiwanese director, Liao Jen Shuai, feels that to break into the US market, the audience has to know her cool and fun personality. She has to be remembered as a brave singer who loves challenges.

Experts point out singing theme songs for English films as an easy way to get the foothold in the West. With the expansion of China's technology and entertainment businesses into the West, this shouldn't be a difficult task. Jane is already collaborating for a promotional song in the upcoming blockbuster The Great Wall.