Who is Jackeline Cordero? NYC Woman Stabs Mother 5 Times for Refusing to Recite Santeria Religious Prayer

The wounded woman somehow managed to escape the attack and reached a neighbor's home and called up 911 for help.

A New York City woman brutally stabbed her 60-year-old mother after she refused to recite the Santeria religious prayer, cops and sources said Wednesday. The daughter, identified as Jackeline Cordero, 33, made this disturbing attack around noon on Tuesday in the family's apartment on Madison Street, according to cops.

Although the elderly woman survived the brutal attack, cops said that it could be fatal. She luckily escaped from being stabbed further. Cordero has seen been arrested and an investigation has been launched into the incident.

Brutal Attack

Woman murdered
Woman stabbed (Representational picture) Pixabay

According to reports, Cordero was persuading her mother to recite the Santeria player for a long time but she wasn't willing. This angered Cordero and she grabbed a butcher knife from the kitchen and threatened to kill her 60-year-old mother if she didn't say the Afro Cuban prayer, police and sources said.

However, the woman still didn't listen to her following which Cordero stabbed her mother once in the stomach. She immediately started wailing in pain as blood started gushing out. But that didn't stop Cordero. She then stabbed the already wounded woman four more time, according to police.

The helpless mother tried to runaway despite bleeding profusely and Cordero started chasing her with the knife in her hand. The wounded woman then somehow managed to escape the attack and reached a neighbor's home and then called up 911 for help.

Almost a Murderer

Butcher's knife
Butcher's knife Reuters

Cordero was still at her home when officers responding to the distress call from her mother. She was taken into custody on the roof of the building, charged with assault and taken to Bellevue Hospital, according to police.

The mother was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where she is being given treatment and is expected to recover. An investigation has been launched into the incident but police haven't elaborated much on the attack.

It is also not known why Cordero was so insistent on her mother reciting the Cuban prayer. Sources said that she is a strict follower of Santeria religion and wanted her mother to also follow it.

Santeria, which means 'Way of the Saints', is an Afro-Caribbean religion. It is not known who founded it but has been in practice for long based on the beliefs and traditions of Yoruba, with some Roman Catholic components in it. Two other names for this African religion are La Regla Lucumi and the Rule of Osha.

Cuba is another place where the religion is followed by a small section. The origins of this syncretic religion can be traced back to the times of slave trade, when people were brought in from Nigeria and Benin to work there.