Who is Ilya Navalny? Civilian Executed in Bucha Has Common Great Grandfather Alexie Navalny?

The reports of brutal execution of Ilya Navalny in Bucha who shared the same surname with Alexie Navalny have once again unveiled the cruelty of Russian soldiers.

The ongoing chatter on social media also points towards the probability of Alexie Navalny and his murdered namesake sharing a common great-grandfather. It is learnt that Navalny's namesake comes from the same village where his father was born.

As reported by the New York Post, Ilya Navalny was shot in the head and his body was among 400 bodies recovered in Bucha outside Kyiv.

Passport Next To the Body, Conveyed a Message

Killing a 60-year-old man and then leaving his passport next to his body makes it evident that the Russian troops wanted to convey a message, shared some social media followers.

This is being termed as the brainchild merciless commanders of Russian military who follow the dictates of their despotic ruler.

Alexie, a Putin and Kremlin critic, is undergoing nine-year imprisonment for embezzlement and contempt. He recently shared a post on twitter alleging Russian troops for killing the innocent man because he shared his surname.

Alexie has also posted a picture of the deceased man's passport that carries his details including complete name.

A twitter user wrote, "1/ Ilya Navalny, who was killed in Bucha, really turned out to be a distant relative of Alexei Navalny. Village head Pavel Navalny confirmed to the BBC that Ilya is a distant relative of the Russian opposition leader."

Another user while expressing his views stated, "Navalny's namesake killed in #Bucha turned out to be his relative, - @BBC_ua. Ilya #Navalny, who was found in a grave near a #church in Bucha with a gunshot wound to the head, was a distant relative of @navalny, there is a common great-grandfather" #StopPutin #StandWithUkraine."

"Ilya Navalny, who was killed by #RussianArmy during #BuchaMassacre, turned out to be a distant relative of russian politician and leader of the opposition Alexei #Navalny. #BuchaMassacre #MariupolMassacre #WARINUKRAINE #StandWithUkraine️," read a tweet.

Another twitter user shared, "Shot in Bucha, Ilya Navalny turned out to be a relative of Alexei Navalny. This was confirmed by the headman of the village of Novoye Zalesye, where the victim was from."