Who is General Li Qiaoming? Chinese Military Leader Who Was Rumored To Have Removed Xi Jinping From Power And Taken Control of Country

Amid the rumors of the China coup, the name of a Chinese military general emerged with claims that he removed Xi Jinping from power and kept him under house arrest. General Li Qiaoming, who has served in a commanding position in the People's Liberation Army, is a top general of Chinese forces. He served as head of the Northern Theater Command for five years from 2017 to 2022 September.

Li Qiaoming has served in various significant positions in the Chinese army, including as the Chief of Staff of the 361st Regiment, Commander of the 364th Regiment, Chief of Staff of the 124th Division, Deputy Chief of Staff of the 42nd Group Army, and Commander of the 124th Division of the 42nd Army, according to a report.

Li Qiaoming
Li Qiaoming Twitter

Li Qiaoming Was Elected member of the 19th Central Committee of CCP

He was elected a member of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in 2017.

Thousands of social media posts flooded the social media platforms with fake claims that Xi is not the head of China. In addition, unverified reports also claimed that all international flights to and from China have been canceled, a dramatic development -- if found to be true -- suggests something extremely worse political developments underway in China.

Li Qiaoming Has Served In Various Top Posts In PLA

Reports also suggested that an 80-km long military convoy is seen in Beijing. Videos uploaded on the internet show a long queue of military vehicles approaching the Chinese capital.

Finally, this didn't turn out to be true, but there was silence from the government's side for many hours despite the matter being discussed by millions globally.

Users on social media also went on to say that General Li Qiaoming was likely to succeed Chinese President Xi Jinping as the next president of China.

"Congratulations Li Qiaoming on your spectacular take over! I look forward to working closely together to take India-China relations to greater heights," tweeted a user.

While another (@Ex__Liberal) stated that "Hu jin Tao & Wen Jia Bao aided by Gen Li Qiaoming & the boss of CGB Central Guard Bureau are the 4 main people involved in this possible coup to deny Xi a 3rd term. All this happened while Xi was attending the SCO summit in Samarkand."

"Social media claims Li Qiaoming has been made China's President & Xi is in house arrest. There has been no official confirmation as yet. If this is true, this will reset the whole international alignments between nations with serious global economic and political repercussions," tweeted @phileinsophian.

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