Who is the Friend of Salvador Ramos? An Alert on Photos of Guns and Ammunition Sent by Texas Shooter Could Have Saved Children

The ongoing investigation into the tragic shooting incident at Texas school has revealed that the shooter, Salvador Ramos, had texted the photographs of firearm and ammunition to a close friend.

An alert from this friend who refused to be identified could have averted the tragedy that claimed almost 20 lives including that of innocent schoolchildren.

A report published by CNN stated that four days prior to the attack, Ramos had sent a text to his former classmate and a close friend which had photos of a firearm and a backpack full of ammunition, approximately seven magazines.

Ramos and this friend played Xbox occasionally, the report stated further.

Salvador Ramos
Salvador Ramos Twitter

Ramos's Abnormal Behavior Went Unnoticed

The unidentified friend also stated that Ramos's behavior was not normal and he was subjected to humiliation in school owning to his attire and financial status.

The revelation has initiated a debate on social media over the tackling of mental health issues of the teenagers at school level. A large faction of the followers is saying that school authorities, teachers, fellow students and parents must see the "red flags" when they come across abnormal behavior by any of the students.

In Ramos's case also, a lot of issues that he was facing were ignored not just by his friends but also by the school authorities and his family which resulted in the incident. His absenteeism from school followed by his "dropping out" went unnoticed and unaddressed.

Most importantly, all his followers on Instagram just ignored the photographs of the guns that he had posted.

A Twitter user shared, "How was this not a red flag just four days ago! The stupidest things get banned from social media but this psycho SALVADOR RAMOS posts his murder weapons and nobody cares. He is the Robb Elementary School Shooter in Uvalde Texas. RIP to all accept the killer."

Replying to @emilyjonesE a Twitter user stated, "This isn't about guns or laws for gun use. It's about a mentally ill teen who needed help and didn't get it a long time ago. Get it straight. I want to hear from Salvador Ramos' parents. #childrenmatter #profamily."