Who is Dr. Dennis Christensen? Wisconsin Doctor Becomes Abortion 'Messiah'; Buys Two Clinics in Illinois to Help Women

A Wisconsin obstetrician-gynecologist has bought two buildings in Illinois and is converting them into clinics to perform medication and surgical abortions. This step taken by the retired obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Dennis Christensen has come as a ray of hope for the US women seeking termination of unwanted pregnancies.

With US Supreme Court overturning federal abortion rights last month, Christenson chose Illinois as the place to set up two clinics, one each for medication and surgical abortions. Illinois state has carried on with its prevailing law under which abortion is legal.

protest against scrapping of abortion laws

Abortion Clinics in Illinois Will Help Women from Bordering States

The social media followers have extended an unequivocal support to Christensen. People from various social segments including women rights activists and people in favor of abortions, everybody has welcomed the step taken by Christensen. He has performed abortions in Madison and Milwaukee and is now retired.

Some people have even said that Christensen has taken the right step at the right time as women from bordering states can easily avail services related to termination of pregnancies.

A report published by NBC News referred to the claims made by Christensen who says that he is part of a group trying to revive abortion services in Rockford, Illinois, in part to accommodate women from Wisconsin. Christensen recently purchased a former acupuncture office for $75,000 and the former Animal Emergency Clinic of Rockford for $350,000. He plans to offer medication abortions at the former acupuncture office soon while the newly formed Rockford Family Planning Foundation is fundraising and is preparing the second site for surgical abortions, birth control and related care, the report stated further.

A Twitter user shared Christensen's comments, "The clinics in Illinois are inundated now and sometimes they can't get an appointment for two weeks and for some of the patients that two weeks is the difference between being able to have a medical abortion versus the surgical procedure."

"Indiana will soon ban abortion. She'll have to travel to Illinois, along with every other person needing an abortion, where there won't be enough doctors or clinics to care for those in need," shared another user.