Who is DJ Soda? South Korean DJ Forced Out of Plane for Wearing Sweatpants With 'F---- You' Written All Over

DJ Soda, 36, was forced out of a plane by American Airlines on Monday as she was wearing black sweatpants with "F---", "F--- You", "F------" written all over.

South Korean DJ Hawang So-Hee, popularly known as DJ Soda, is being trolled on social media for crying foul over the humiliating attitude of the American Airlines. She has accused the Airlines staff of asking her to remove her sponsored sweatpants in front of the crew. The celebrity has 4.3 million followers on Twitter and 120,000 on Instagram.

A large faction of social media followers have come forward in support of the Airlines stating that DJ Soda is another publicity hungry celebrity who should know better than resorting to such immature behavior.

As reported by Allkpop, DJ Soda was traveling from New York City to Los Angeles to attend an important meeting in Los Angeles the same day. She was on North American tour.

DJ Soda

American Airline Instilling Manners in Celebrities

It is noteworthy that an American Airline worker had stopped a model and influencer, Olivia Culpo, from boarding a flight in January this year following her revealing outfit. She had put a hoodie over her outfit in order to board the flight.

Interestingly, some social media followers have even termed American Airlines as the instructors who are instilling good sense and manners in celebrities.

Replying to @dj_soda a twitter user wrote, "The clothing has offensive writing on it. American Airlines has the right to deny admittance or to require passengers comply with its policy regarding offensive clothing. As far as I'm concerned, DJ Soda is an idiot for doing this. Classic case of "F*ck around and find out."

Another user, while replying to @Mr_Nobody4u @dj_soda_and 2 others stated, "Freedom of speech is freedom from Govt restriction, not public transportation. Plus its tacky, rude and vulgar to wear curse words where children may be. Low class."

"Replying to @dj_soda_@AmericanAir and @RIPNDIP You absolutely deserved to get kicked off the AA flight, I guess they gave you an FU back. Your "free speech" does not extend to blatantly offending others. Please boycott United and all other major airlines as well!", read a tweet.