Who is Daniela Jampel? NYC Lawyer Fired for Questioning Mayor Eric Adams Toddler Mask Mandate PC

Daniela Jampel, an angry mother of three children, was fired from her job as a lawyer at the city Law Department after she confronted NYC Mayor Eric Adam for continuing with the toddler mask mandate. She accused the mayor and his associates of having gone against science which implies that masks are not mandatory for children under five years of age.

As reported by the New York Post, Jampel lambasted the mayor at a press conference on Monday, posing as a reporter.

Daniela Jampel

Anti-Vaccine, Anti-Mask Lobby Extends Support to Jampel

The outburst of Jampel has once again triggered a controversy over the Covid-129 restrictions as the lobby opposing vaccine and masks has come down strongly on the authorities alleging them of "uncalled for restrictions". She questioned the Mayor over his failure to fulfill his promise that the the city administration will do away with the masks by April 4th.

Anti-vaccine and anti-mask lobby has taken to social media platforms, criticizing Mayor Eric Adam for having failed to pass an order to do away with masks in younger children.

At the same time, Jampel has garnered support from this lobby who have her a daredevil and a hero for having confronted the authorities without worrying about the consequences.

This mother of three is on maternity leave for the past eight months, nonetheless has been vocal about COVID-19 restrictions in Big Apple schools. She is also the co-founder of the advocacy group "Keep NYC Schools Open."

A Twitter user shared, "One hero was brave enough to speak up for our children. Her name is Daniela Jampel. So what did the dictator in City Hall do today after she embarrassed him at a press conference? He had her FIRED from her job while on MATERNITY LEAVE. Vile!"

"Replying to @QueensCrapper she'll be OK. she's a fighter! #DanielaJampel unlike Urooj Rahman, 32, and Colinford Mattis, 34, two (2) lawyers that fire bombed a police vehicle almost killing innocents and didn't; (thank the Lord) what's the justification of firing her? makes no sense," read a supporter's tweet.

Another user expressed his opinion stating, "We have unvaxxed NBA superstars able to play unmasked at Barclays Center ... yet my 4-year-old has to wear a mask," Queens resident Daniela Jampel said of @NYCMayor's push to keep the toddler mask mandate in place. w/@MichaelElsenRoo".