Who is Christina Lomasney? Here's Why Ex-Defense Chief Gen. James Mattis Married the Tech Entrepreneur

Sweeping the 71-year-old confirmed bachelor Gen James Mattis off his feet, a tech veteran and physicist, Christina Lomasney, married him at a ceremony on the banks of Columbia River.

The news has created a buzz on social media as many people have expressed surprise over the news adding that Gen. Mattis was a never the "marriage material".

The ongoing speculations on social media point towards various factors that made Gen. Mattis to tie the nuptial knot at this age. A large faction of social media followers believe that the couple was in love for a long time but were waiting for the right time. Whereas, others feel that this a marriage of convenience and companionship between two "good friends".

Gen James Mattis and Christina Lomasney

Christina Lomasney Marriage to Gen Mattis At This Age is An Intelligent Move

A report published by GeekWire stated that having completed her bachelor's and master's degrees in physics from the University of Washington in Seattle, Lomansey worked as a project manager at Boeing and co-founded Isotron in 2001. The company developed technologies used for decontamination and environmental restoration projects.

Thereafter, Lomasney founded Modumetal, Inc in 2007 and successfully raised more than $100 million in equity and non-equity funding in addition to creating partnerships with several Fortune 500 companies. Till, 2020, she remained on the significant positions of company's president and CEO.

Lomasney has been dubbed as an intelligent and rich woman who excelled in her professional endeavours and then decided to settle down with her long-time companion.

It is also learnt that the estimated net worth of Lomasney is somewhere around $5 million as she has been named among the top 100 Woman in Tech (Seattle), IHS Energy Innovation Pioneer, Unreasonable Fellow and a Fortune Magazine Most Promising Entrepreneur.

Presently, Lomasney is leading Technology Commercialization for the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, one of the country's leading R&D centers.

A Twitter user wrote, "ALWAYS A MARINE, ONE LOVE, NEVER MARRIED. That was legendary Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis' life ... until now."

Another Twitter user expressed his feelings adding, "Retired Gen. Mattis put his entire life off to serve our country, now he's married to his darling. Thnk you General for keeping us safe and for your courageous service. Enjoy your honeymoon."

"Congratulations to James "Mad Dog" Mattis, legendary Marine general, for finally marrying physicist Christina Lomasney in - get this! - a Las Vegas chapel by an Elvis impersonator. The guy continues to redefine awesomeness," read a tweet.