Who is Chow Hang Tung? Hong Kong Arrests Tiananmen Vigil Organizer on Anniversary of Killing

Hong Kong police arrested pro-democracy activist Chow Hang Tung, who has been organizing vigils for the victims of the Tiananmen Square crackdown in Beijing. The arrest came on the 32nd anniversary of the deadly crackdown on democracy protesters in Beijing in 1989.

Chow, the vice chairwoman of the Hong Kong Alliance, was arrested for promoting unauthorized assembly.

"Turn on the lights wherever you are - whether on your phone, candles or electronic candles," Chow had posted on Facebook a day before her detention.

Tiananmen massacre
Tiananmen square protest Wikimedia commons

Anticipating Arrest

She was arrested outside her office early in the morning on Friday. Her arrest was executed by officers in plain clothes, who put her in a black saloon car and drove away, AFP news agency reported.

Chow had been anticipating her arrest as Hong Kong had become decidedly pro-Beijing in the aftermath of the failed pro-democracy movement.

"I am prepared to be arrested. This is how Hong Kong is now. If you fight for democracy under an authoritarian regime, being arrested is unavoidable. Let it come. I am willing to pay the price for fighting for democracy," said Chow, who is also a lawyer and a human rights activist, according to BBC.

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Pro-democracy supporters hold candles in the shape of "64", which symbolizes "June 4th", during an annual candlelight vigil at Victoria Park in Hong Kong, China June 4, 2015 to mark Beijing's Tiananmen Square crackdown in 1989,

New Security Law

Hong Kong and Macau had remained the only Chinese territories were commemoration of the 1989 crackdown on pro-democracy protesters was so far allowed. But this right seems to have ended in Hong Kong, which is now increasingly under the grip of Beijing. Macau has also banned the vigil this year, citing laws that make it a violation.

In Hong Kong, the police also arrested a 20-year-old delivery man for allegedly promoting and announcing unauthorized assembly.

Beijing's new crackdown on Hong Kong rights activism was expected as the city passed China-sanctioned national security law this year. Beijing steamrolled the law's passing with an aim of crippling the pro-democracy movement and criminalizing dissent.