Who is the 'Blue Cloth Bandit'? Serial Burglar Accused of 68 Armed Robberies Finally Arrested

The Los Angeles police finally nabbed a serial robber called the "Blue Cloth Bandit" for his habit of using a cloth to cover a handgun. Charles Chukuma Onwuemelie was arrested at his residence on Saturday. The Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said he was being held on $1.4 million bail.

Blue Cloth Bandit
The police have arrested the Blue Cloth Bandit who is accused of 68 armed robberies. LAPD

Who is the Blue Cloth Bandit?

Charles Chukwuma Onwuemelie aka the Blue Cloth Bandit, as per the LAPD, used a blue cloth to cover the handgun used in robberies that occurred at gas stations, 7-11s and Walmarts. The police said the 26-year-old Nigerian-American would hide himself by wearing different hats, a face mask, and rubber gloves. Onwuemelie used the same vehicle in many different robberies. He was also linked to the robberies based on several factors.

Onwuemelie's latest heist was on September 23 when detectives came up with a plan to initiate surveillance and serve a search warrant. A surveillance footage shared by the LAPD shows the suspect appearing to purchase items at a convenience store before he reveals his alleged weapon covered by a blue cloth. Onwuemelie can be seen wearing blue gloves and a hat that hides his face in the video.

The police were able to connect Charles Chukwuma Onwuemelie to the latest robbery on September 24. AP

The police was able to connect him to the robbery via a recovered firearm and other evidence.

The Charges

The police managed to arrest Onwuemelie on September 24 at his residence in Quartz Hill where they also recovered evidence linking him to the robberies. The LA District Attorney's office, on Tuesday, filed 16 counts of robbery against Onwuemelie for the crimes that occurred in the Los Angeles city. Additional charges are likely to be filed by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department related to the robberies that occurred with the L.A. county borders.