Who is Benjamin Obadiah Foster? Man Who Kidnapped a Woman and Severely Beat Her Is Using Dating Apps to Lure His Victims

Police are in search of a man, who was convicted in Nevada of keeping a woman in captivity and torturing another woman who he held captive in Oregon. Authorities believe Benjamin Obadiah Foster may be using dating apps to find new victims.

The 36-year-old has so far evaded capture but is active on online dating services. The police began search for Foster on Tuesday after a woman was found bound and severely beaten into unconsciousness in Grants Pass.

The suspect fled the scene before the officers arrived. However, Foster was identified as the suspect. Investigators warned the public that he should be considered extremely dangerous.

Benjamin Obadiah Foster
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Track Record of Torturing Women

The Grants Pass Police said investigation revealed that the suspect is actively using online dating applications to contact unsuspecting individuals who may be lured into assisting with the suspect's escape, or potentially as additional victims. A lookout warned that Benjamin may be armed and is highly trained in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Police want him for kidnapping, attempted murder and assault.

Authorities in northwestern Oregon warned on Sunday that Benjamin has a track record for torturing women is using dating apps, to lure new victims and evade arrest. "He's actively using online dating applications to contact unsuspecting individuals who may be lured into assisting the suspect's escape or potentially as additional victims."

The police said Benjamin, if required, may also shave his head or dye his hair to disguise himself. Authorities are offering $2,500 reward for his capture.

Convicted of Kidnapping

The suspect, before moving to Oregon, was convicted of keeping another woman, who was his girlfriend at the time, in captivity in Nevada in 2019. He beat her severely - broke seven of her ribs, gave her two black eyes, and inflicted injuries on her wrists and ankles by binding her with zip ties and duct tape. Benjamin had forced her to eat lye and choked her unconscious.

The girlfriend managed to escape when they went out to buy groceries. Benjamin was sentenced to two-and-a-half-years in prison, but got credit for the 729 days he served while awaiting trial. This got him back onto the streets after 200 days.