Who is Becki Falwell? Ex-Liberty Uni Leader Jerry Falwell's Wife Made SEX TAPES with Pool Boy Lover

'I had a big Canon camera. A couple of times I put it on the dresser and Giancarlo agreed to it,' Becki Falwell said.

Becki Falwell, the wife of disgraced former Liberty University leader Jerry Falwell Jr. revealed her 'sexcapades' with her 21-year-old pool boy, Giancarlo Granda. "I had a big Canon camera. A couple of times I put it on the dresser and Giancarlo agreed to it," Becki, 54 told Vanity Fair in a tell-all interview, on Monday, revealing that she used to make sex tapes with her ex-lover.

Jerry's term as the president of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, ended last year after Granda's revelations about his long-time affair with Becki made the news. Granda claimed that Jerry enjoyed watching him have sex with Becki. They first met in Miami in 2012 when Granda was 21 years old.

Jerry, however, denied the allegations but admitted to walking in on his wife, Becki, and Granda in bed. He told Vanity Fair that he was traumatized by the sight of his wife in bed with another man.

Becki Falwell and Giancarlo Granda
Becki Falwell and Giancarlo Granda Screen grab - AP and Reuters

'I kept saying no'

Becki, on the other hand, claimed that Granda pressured her into having sex in her 25-year-old daughter's bed in 2017, long after the affair had ended. "He said he wanted to have sex and I said, "No, no, no." I kept saying no. But I was scared to death of him too, because he was still holding everything over me, so we had sex," Becki noted.

Becki said it was long before she could muster the courage to tell her husband and her lawyers about her ordeal, which, she now believes could have been a form of assault. "I said no. Just because we had sex before does not mean he has a free ticket to my body," she said.

Meanwhile, Granda refused to comment on Becki's claims. He did, however, respond in a crisp manner to the allegations leveled against him stating that his version of events will become clearer in an upcoming book and Hulu series about his time with the couple.


Granda even accused the couple of 'grooming him' and alleged the three of them were a 'throuple,' a polyamorous couple who asks a third person to join their relationship.

Jerry went public about his wife's infidelity in 2020, stating that the couple could no longer keep the affair secret as Granda was blackmailing them for years about the same.

Jerry Falwell Jr.
Jerry Falwell Jr. Screen grab - AP via DailyMail

Jerry and Becki met Granda in 2012 and after being impressed with him, started a gay hostel that he and their son ran as managers. Granda and Becki's affair began in 2012 and ended in 2014.

According to Becki, the couple has worked their issues out and are grateful to have their marriage. "He forgave me, and that's what Jesus teaches, forgiveness," she said.