Who Is Asiana Jayd Hung-Barnes? Yankees star Giancarlo Stanton in a Complex Relationship with NYC Hospitality Worker

Hung-Barnes was reportedly in Florida in February, where the Yankees held spring training for the 2024 season.

Yankees slugger Giancarlo Stanton is reportedly involved in a complex romance with a hospitality worker who has been accompanying him since the beginning of the baseball season. Page Six reports that Stanton, 34, has been dating Asiana Jayd Hung-Barnes, a New Jersey native, since 2022.

The romance started after his breakup with actress Priscilla Quintana. The 27-year-old recently deleted her TikTok and Instagram accounts, but according to the publication, she had previously posted several photos hinting at a 'sneaky link' with Stanton - a slang term for a 'situationship'. She is also reportedly "tagging along" during the baseball season, staying in fancy hotel suites that he secretly books for her.

Secret Affair

Asiana Jayd Hung-Barnes
Asiana Jayd Hung-Barnes and Giancarlo Stanton X

Page Six reports that Hung-Barnes stayed at the Four Seasons in Baltimore in April, booked by Stanton, while the Yankees played a four-game series against the Orioles, which the team lost 3-1.

Stanton struggled during that series, like the rest of his team, but has otherwise played very well for the Yankees this season after a difficult year. He has hit 13 home runs so far, the ninth highest in MLB, with a .230 average and 29 RBIs in a rejuvenated offensive lineup following Juan Soto's offseason arrival.

Hung-Barnes was reportedly in Florida in February, where the Yankees held spring training for the 2024 season.

Page Six also quotes a source saying Stanton might be uncomfortable with how much Hung-Barnes had been sharing about their romance on social media before she deleted her accounts.

"Giancarlo doesn't like his business being out there but AJ is reckless on social media," a second source was quoted by Page Six as saying.

Always Uses Snapchat to Contact with Romantic Interests

Asiana Jayd Hung-Barnes
Asiana Jayd Hung-Barnes Facebook

The report also claims that Stanton prefers using Snapchat to communicate with romantic interests "because it's such a private app."

Before Hung-Barnes, Stanton was last linked with actress Priscilla Quintana.

Stanton, the designated hitter for the Yankees, earns around $32 million a year after signing a 13-year, $325 million deal with the Miami Marlins in 2014.

Stanton and the Yankees are next in action on Thursday night in Los Angeles against the Angels.