Who is Arielle Egozi? US Woman Says She Feels Empowered after Adding 'Sex Work' on LinkedIn Profile

In a bizarre case of 'women empowerment', a US woman named Arielle Egozi has hogged the limelight on social media by listing "sex work" as her occupation in her LinkedIn profile.

Her open admission to have left an in-house job with impressive incentives for taking up sex-work as full -time occupation has invited a sharp criticism from a faction of men. These men are feeling offended on her words that read, "The biggest reason I could walk away from job is because sex work shows me what my power can do when I own it intentionally."

Abrielle Egozi's LinkedIn Profile Image

Will Egozi's Openness Empower the Sex-Workers Across the Globe?

Egozi claims to have as many as 10,800 followers on the professional networking site and takes pride in the fact that she charges "exorbitant amounts," for her services. She even admits that she has no problem in handling rejections from clients.

However, a large number of people have appreciated her boldness adding that her move will empower the sex workers across the globe. The supporters also stated that a large number of countries have legalized sex-work which gives the sex-workers every right to be "open" and "fearless" about their occupation.

A faction of women even called the men objecting to Egozi's statement "hypocrites" adding that these are the kinds who would hire sex-workers for pleasure but would never respect them. These women supporters also stated that Egozi had the right to her body and that arrogant men have no business to demean or criticize her.

A report published by the New York Post referred to Egozi's statement wherein she says that she worked as a brand adviser and creative director, lists an expansive list of work experiences, one of those being "sex.". She only works with clients that are "respectful, generous and grateful," adding "they don't have to understand it, but they better respect the hell out of it," the report stated further.

A Twitter user wrote, "Netizens Applaud Woman Who Adds Sex Work as Experience on LinkedIn #Netizens #Woman #Linkedin @LinkedIn #ArielleEgozi #Experience #Work."