Who are Jonathan and Dianna Tobbe? Navy Engineer and Wife Accused of Selling Nuclear Warship Info

In a shocking case which is headed for trial in January 2023, a Navy nuclear engineer and his wife have been accused of selling the American Nuclear-Powered Warship secrets.

Jonathan Toebbe, 43, and Diana Toebbe, 46 of Annapolis, Maryland, devised methods varying from hiding the digital memory card and SD card in half eaten sandwiches or in chewing gum packs. The couple had pleaded guilty to one count each of conspiracy to communicate secret and restricted data to a foreign country.

Jonathan Toebbe and Diana Toebbe

Jonathan and Diana Toebbe Should be Awarded Maximum Jailtime; Social Media

The couple got into the FBI net while passing on the information to a foreign official called "country 1" who in reality was a FBI undercover agent.

The social media followers have lambasted the couple for attempting to sell the country's secrets and have called upon the Justice Department for rigorous imprisonment to both.

According to a report published in Washington Times, Jonathan held a top-secret security clearance as a civilian engineer with the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program, also known as Naval Reactors. The office is responsible for all aspects of the Navy's nuclear power program, from design to operation and Jonathan had an access to "military sensitive design elements" of Virginia-class submarine reactors.

"You see we have "JUDAS" in our country. Jonathan & Diana Toebbe trying to "sellout" our country for $ and GREED as per @ABC7NY12:37 PM. Your Honor! Judge "LOCK EM" up and throw away the keys. And then you complain about the government. They make me mad," observed a Twitter user.

Another user wrote, "Navy engineer Jonathan Toebbe and his lookalike wife Diana have been found guilty of espionage, by hiding memory cards containing nuclear secrets in peanut butter sandwiches given to foreign agents. The plot was discovered when one of the agents traded his sandwich for a brownie."

A tweet read, "Judge rejects plea deal for couple in submarine secrets sale case. Prosecutors negotiated 12-17 yrs for Jonathan Toebbe, 3 for Diana. "...Judge Gina Groh said the sentencing options were "strikingly deficient" considering the seriousness of the charges."