Who is Alphabet's David Drummond? The 'laziest man in Google' according to Bill Maris

The filing on Friday announced that David Drummond will retire from his position at the end of January following allegation about harassment of employees in the company

The Chief Legal Officer of Alphabet, David Drummond is one of Google's earliest employees and was a part of making the team go public. The filing on Friday announced that Drummond will retire from his position at the end of this month following allegation and investigation about harassment of employees in the company.

Soon after the reports were released about Drummond's retirement, Google Ventures founder Bill Maris didn't hold back from talking about the top lawyer in the company. The company spokesperson said that Drummond wouldn't be receiving any exit package because of the circumstances under which he is being let go.

David Drummond
David Drummond, Senior Vice-President Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer, Google, during Openforum europe - Summit 2010 Wikimedia Commons

Allegations against Drummond

The 56-year-old Drummond serves the post of the Senior Vice President of corporate development and Chief Legal Officer for Alphabet Inc and formerly its subsidiary, Google.

The legal head was accused of having relations with his employees which had led the company to open an investigation into handling sexual harassment in the company. The company hired a separate law firm to handle the issue within the company. Drummond said that his retirement is coming after careful consideration of the situation.

'Laziest man in America'

According to Bill Maris' comment in Business Insider, what people called him inside of Google was 'the laziest man in America'. Earlier last year Jennifer Blakely had said that the officer had developed a relationship with her. Her lengthy letter in Medium post had created ripples and the affair coming out in popular news outlets had led the company to begin lengthy research on the company's stand on harassment and relationship between an executive and the employees.

Drummond had recounted their relationship to be different from what Blakely had created it to be. His extramarital affair was not secret anymore after her letter, and it had affected the company and personal image. Drummond is said to have treated his former partner and their child with disrespect and the blog post said that it was nothing short of abuse.

This came before his marriage to one of the employees in September. There were more allegations that said that Drummond had other relationships with employees of the company. Late last year, Larry Page and Sergey Brin and stepped down as the heads of the company and appointed Sundar Pichai as the new Chief Executive Officer while remaining in the board of directors.