Who is Ajay Damraliya? Meet Maruti Web Solution's Founder, The new face in the Indian Startup Fraternity

Ajay Damraliya

They say that to achieve success in your life, you need to get out of your comfort zones and start taking the risk, and no one knows this better than Ajay Damraliya. Kickstarting his career from an early age, he has proved that the only way to be a successful person is to do what you are passionate about. Instead of following the norms and climbing up the corporate ladder, Ajay Damraliya started his company named Maruti Web Solution. People believe that his luck is the only reason behind his success, but not everyone realizes the hustle behind his victory.

Ajay's Struggles

Life never handed him anything on a silver platter. Ajay had to strive hard for everything he has today. Initially, he kept working on niche-based sites and event blogs till he realized that real growth exists in the news site. It was challenging for him to get approval from Google. After applying for ten websites, Ajay got approval for only three sites. Instead of looking at it as a failure, he perceived it as a lesson and tried to understand what works and what doesn't.

How Ajay Overcame Failures?

Ajay Damraliya believes that dwelling on your failures will get you nowhere. Instead of giving in to his failures, he strived hard. With time and experience, Ajay has learned that it is wise to take risks and learn from your losses instead of fearing them. Ajay's hustle for success has finally paid off, and today he receives more than 10 million page views monthly on his sites. Adding 20-30 articles daily helped him generate more traffic, which eventually worked in his favor. With his efforts, Ajay has managed to be one of the most renowned Digital Marketer and Seo Expert. From his journey to success, one can say that his passion for his goals helped him to overcome his fears.

Upcoming Plans

Currently, Ajay Damraliya is investing his time in his company and its growth. Even after achieving several milestones, Ajay is still hustling to satiate his desire of taking his company to the heights of success. It might get challenging for Ajay, but we all know that no odds can stop him from achieving his goals.