White Woman Hurls N-word at Black 'Police Officer', Throws Drink on His Face in Viral TikTok Video

A White woman has sparked outrage on TikTok after a video of her yelling at a Black police officer went viral. She allegedly hurls racial slurs at the Black cop and pours a drink on his face.

The short video clip, less than 20 seconds, shows a busy street, where a White woman and a Black cop are seemingly engaged in an argument. The footage is posted to user @nwoha_nation's account and does not offer much context for the situation surrounding the incident, but a text overlay says that a "White girl" called a cop "the N-word", and threw a "drink at him."

White Privilege?

The news was first reported by the Daily Dot. The video's hashtags suggest that it was shot in Dallas by @nwoha_nation, who goes by Charles Canine Nwoha on his page.

In the beginning of the clip, it seems that an argument erupted between the Black cop and the White woman. The surrounding noise makes it difficult for the viewers to figure out the conversation. The visuals are clear, however, as the white woman becomes irate and throws her drink in the officer's direction. She then turns on her heel and begins walking away, apparently utterly unconcerned with the potential repercussions, according to Daily Dot.

White woman hurls N-word at Black cop
White woman hurls N-word at Black cop and pours drink on his face in viral video Twitter

It initially appears as if the cop is going to chase the woman, but he stops himself, crouches towards the ground and balls his fists, before going back to his squad car. Several women can be seen approaching him as the White woman continues to walk away, gesturing in frustration as the clip comes to a close.

According to a final text overlay, "it took everything in" the cop "not to lose his job" over what happened.

The Man Seen in the Video Was Really a Police Officer?

Meanwhile, some TikTok users wondered if the Black man was really a cop. As reported by the Daily Dot, several viewers claimed that his seemingly unadorned shirt and vehicle meant he could not be a legitimate officer and posed the possibility that he was some kind of security instead.

Twitter and Facebook Users React

People on Twitter and Facebook also started discussing this topic. Some netizens felt that the Black cop might have been at fault, while others felt it was an assault against the police officer. One Twitter user wrote, "Welcome to Liberal Democracy 101, where White people think they own people of color & as such keep making headline news."

Another wrote, "She did not get arrested because she is a white blonde****###@@@!!!! Had she been black with a white cop she would have been thrown to the ground, dragged, beaten, possibly killed! This is some bullshit!"

One Facebook user shared, "Stupid drunk women." Another wrote, "Lock her up." One comment read, "I don't believe half this stuff ???"