White Lives Matter (WLM) Raises Threat of 'Spiritual and Physical Genocide', Stages Protest at Juneteenth Events

Staging a protest against the federal government, White Lives Matter, a group of white nationalists, interrupted the annual Juneteenth celebrations in Franklin, Tennessee, this Saturday.

The protestors comprising 10 young white men carried the placards that read, "Stop White Replacement" and "It's ok to be white." Dressed up in matching white shirts with matching logos, and black skull balaclava face coverings, the protestors were raising their voice against the government for giving importance to coloured communities and discriminating against the white people.

It is also learnt that there was another group at the Juneteenth celebrations which claimed to be the buffer between the protestors and the festival goers but in reality some of the men in this group were armed and wore ballistic vests. However, on being asked by the police department both the groups peacefully left the protest site.

WLM protest

Is WLM Widening the Rift Between Black and White Communities?

The incidence has created a furor on social media platforms as the followers are divided on the issue. A faction of followers think that the protests by WLM is just a tactic to cover their "racist" attitude towards the black people. However, the other segment thinks that it is not justified to call protests by Black Lives Matter "genuine" and dub the protests by White Lives Matter as "ingenuine".

According to a report published by Newsweek, Juneteenth is celebrated annually on June 19, commemorating an important moment in African-American history when Union soldiers marched into Galveston, Texas, in 1865 to control the state and inform the remaining slaves that they were free.

The report also stated that the protestors were also distributing flyers saying that they are demonstrating because "the anti-white system is committed to our spiritual and physical genocide."

A large number of people including NGOs and intelligentsia feel that the protests by WLM is widening the rift between the white and the black. They even stated that some incidents of violence against black people can be linked to the hatred being spread by groups like WLM.

A Twitter user shared, "A bit hypocritical to call a group of white people racists for saying exactly the same thing a black group does expressing pride. The media preys on the weak minded. White Lives Matter Group Protests Juneteenth Celebration in Tennessee."

"Never realized WLM existed. But what does not surprise me is that they are tagged as racist, but the BLM are not," wrote another user.

"White Lives Matter Group Protests Juneteenth Celebration in Tennessee #NewsBreak @JoeBiden @POTUS@VP we have believe in the white God, celebrated all the white piggen holidays, got the rich richer. Sign HR-40 @blmgrassroots," read a tweet.