Is the White House Haunted? Jen Psaki Spooked by 'Lincoln's Ghost' During Press Briefing

White House press secretary Jen Psaki's press conference was interrupted by spooky and weird noises which made her pause for a moment while answering questions put forward by reporters and look towards the side that made the squeaky sounds, which is the leftward direction towards her shoulder.

However, Psaki assured reporters that the roof is not falling despite the White House being an old building. '''Have no fear. The ceiling is not falling that I'm aware of. It's an old building,'' she said and joked to reporters that ''Maybe it's Lincoln's ghost. That's quite something. Maybe it is,'' and the room burst out with laughter to her joke.

Jen Psaki hears spooky noises White House
Jen Psaki looks towards her left shoulder after hearing weird noises during a press briefing at the White House. WH.GOV

As she continued taking questions, 25 minutes later, the mysterious creepy sounds were heard again while she was explaining how the Biden administration is handling the Covid-19 crisis and distributing vaccines across the country. Psaki paused and turned towards her left with skepticism at the weird noises and joked again saying, ''OK, maybe it's former President Lincoln's ghost, I'm going to go with that."

At the end of the press briefing, Psaki admitted before leaving the room to reporters that the noises were indeed "a little spooky". Also, reporters who were present at the briefing put their ghostbusters hat on and began to find the real source of the noise and realized it was far less paranormal with no link to Lincoln's ghost.

Reuters' White House correspondent, Steve Holland, revealed that the creepy noises came from a 'robot camera' hung at the top which was swiveling at the podium and at the reporters simultaneously all by itself and the rotation of the camera made the squeaky noises.

''Ole Abe's ghost makes for a better story but the creaking during the WH briefing was the swiveling of a robo cam,'' Steve Holland tweeted along with the picture of the automatic camera.

Former Presidents Have Also Reported Experiencing Lincoln's Ghost Before

Surprisingly, this is not the first time spooky noises were heard at the White House. Former presidents Ronald Reagan, Harry Truman, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, even guests such as UK's prime minister Winston Churchill, have reported experiencing strange happenings at the White House.

In 2009, Michelle Obama said that she and Barack heard strange noises in the hallway at night. Speaking to a group of school children who were visiting the White House she said they felt something gnawing or chewing on their feet.

Ronald Reagan said that his dog Rex frantically barked at the entrance of the Lincoln bedroom and refused to go inside. Reagan's daughter and son-in-law also said that they saw an apparition in the room.

Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Memorial
The statue in which Lincoln is looking down at a freed slave whose hands are shackled Reuters

Winston Churchill also claimed that he experienced seeing Lincoln's ghost when he stayed at the Lincoln bedroom as an overnight guest when he visited the United States on official duty and details that he saw Lincoln standing by the fireplace in the room and disappeared.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt's wife Eleanor Roosevelt didn't admit to have seen Lincoln's ghost, but did say that she felt his presence repeatedly throughout the White House and her dog Fala would bark for no reason at what she felt was probably Lincoln's ghost.

President Dwight Eisenhower's press secretary, James Hagerty and Liz Carpenter both reported that they felt Lincoln's presence many times and said they could hear footsteps in the hall outside the Lincoln Bedroom.

President Harry Truman reported that he was once awakened by raps at the door while spending a night in the Lincoln bedroom and his daughter Margaret Truman also reported that she heard rapping at the door at the Lincoln bedroom saying she believes the noises were from Abraham Lincoln's ghost.