Which Gavy NJ member dated a Korean bad boy idol?

Gavy Nj made a comeback in July

Korean pop ballad girl group, Gavy NJ, recently sat for an elaborated interview with International bnt. The trio, who made a comeback last month, dished out some instances from their love lives with the magazine.

When asked about dating and relationships, member Gunji laughingly shared: "I really want to date. I'm so lonely that every Friday, I just go around places." However, when asked to express their ideal types, new member Seorin instantly chose actor Song Seung Hun or Joo Sang Wook, while Jenny added: "I like someone tall with an angelic smile like Sung Si Kyung." Gunji said, "Someone warm and affectionate like a friend."

Furthermore, girls also shared their experience on dating secretly. Pretty Seorin told the media outlet: "I'm good at keeping secrets, so contact me." Jenny revealed that she have been in a relationship before: "I've been asked out by an idol before, and I did date him, but he was a bad boy. After breaking up, he succeeded so much."

The trio also gave some insight into their free days. Jenny stated she likes to V app when she finds casual time: "Any day there's no broadcast is an off day for us. We would either practice or do the 'V' app on those days, but these days, we have no day to rest, so we're very happy." While Gunji added: "We don't release albums often, so we rest a lot. We get depressed when we rest. It's better to be busy."