Which Are The 3 Favorite Smartphones of Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun?

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun shared three of his most favorite smartphones, listing the Mi MIX 2 as his most favorite and the latest MI 10 as his third favorite

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has listed the Mi MIX 2 smartphone as his most favorite, and the latest release MI 10 as his third favorite.

Instead of a teaser for a new product launch, Jun shared his three favorite Xiaomi smartphones, among which the first went to Mi Mix 2. He picked the phone because of its first-in-the-world ceramic body flaunting a unibody ceramic design, he said.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun
Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun Twitter

The phone debuted in the fall of 2017. What Jun likes is the process of making that involves each piece of the unibody ceramic having to be sintered at 1400 degree Celsius for seven days among other processes, reports Gizmo China.

Jun's second favorite is 2017's special edition, the Xiaomi Mi 6 Silver Edition. This is because of the glass back panel, which can also be used as a mirror, he said, and explained that it has a vacuum-plated glass back shell for the purpose.

The last one is the new flagship Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. This, he said, is the first flagship of the company, that belongs to the upper segment of the market.

'New Flagship Caters to User Needs'

Speaking about the specialty of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, Hun said the phone was not created by striving to reduce the cost. Rather, it focuses on satisfying user needs who look to buy high-end smartphones.

MI 10
MI 10 MI

In late March, Xiaomi officially launched the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro globally. Here are its specifications: