Where is Tanya Fear? Friends and Family Shocked after 'Doctor Who' Star Goes Missing

The British actress had shifted base and had been living in Los Angeles for the past two months and went missing on Thursday.

Actress Tanya Fear, who appeared in 'Doctor Who' and other popular television shows, has been reported missing in the Los Angeles area by her family and friends. The actress was last seen in the Hollywood Bowl area of Los Angeles on Thursday, her manager Alex Cole confirmed on Sunday.

The British actress had shifted base and had been living in Los Angeles for the past two months. The news came to light after many of Fear's friends started writing on social media after not hearing from her. A police department spokesperson confirmed that a missing persons report was completed the same day. No additional details were available, the spokesperson said.

Sudden Disappearance

Tanya Fear
Tanya Fear Twitter

News of Fear's disappearance started circulating on social media, after a friend of hers wrote on Twitter: "My friend Tanya has gone missing in the LA/Hollywood Bowl area."

"She hasn't been seen since 9th September 2021. If anyone has any useful information please call (626)-232-8616 #FindTanyaFear. Would appreciate if those in the area or with reach in that area RT."

Fear was last seen in her apartment in Hollywood Bowl on Thursday night. At the time, she was wearing a "short-sleeved brown collared fitted top" and plaid pants, with her hair in its natural afro. A woman who identified herself as Fear's cousin wrote that the missing woman "has no family in the US and we're all really worried."

Even Fear's manager, Cole, is shocked and confused at her sudden disappearance. Cole said Fear, who also appeared in the British shows 'Cleaning Up' and 'Endeavor' and the 2015 film 'A Moving Image', had lately been performing stand-up comedy and had been in the Los Angeles area for about two months. According to Cole, the two last spoke around eight days back, when they discussed world. Cole said that he didn't notice anything suspicious and Fear looked fine.

Family, Friends Clueless

Fear's friends and family are both worried and since have been seeking help from the LAPD to trace her. The woman who identified herself as Fear's cousin wrote: "Please please please share if you have mutually in the LA/Hollywood bowl area. My cousin is missing, she has no family in the US and we're all really worried."

The Doctor Who Twitter official fan Twitter account also shared the Missing Person poster, writing: "Missing Person alert: Tanya Fear who played Jade in 'Arachnids In The UK went missing on 9/9/2021. [with thanks to @BAdWilf for the heads up]'.

Fear is known for playing an arachnid researcher in a 2018 episode of 'Doctor Who', as well as for her main role on Netflix's 'Spotless'. Also known as Tanyaradzwa, she was raised in London and is described as being 5'3, 140lbs with brown eyes and curly black afro hair.

According to her Sundance page, Fear entered the industry as an actress in films with 'Kick Ass 2' and television show 'Doctor Who'.

"In 2020 I wrote and directed a series of short films called SHOOT YOUR SHOT about a girl who falls in love with Drake during COVID 19, we were featured in Women and Hollywood and on Tongal. My films are often funny, irreverent and socially conscious,' Fear wrote on her Sundance page.

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