Where is Naomi Irion? Search on For 18-Year-Old Nevada Girl; Police Say Evidence of Crime Found in Car

A large number of people have come out in support of the Nevada Police to form the search parties for finding the 18-year-old Nevada woman, Naomi Irion.

Naomi was abducted by a man from the parking lot of a Walmart store in Fernley, 30 miles east of Reno, Nevada on March 12 at 5am.

Naomi Irion
Naomi Irion

As reported in a cross section of the media, the surveillance video footage shows that the abducted woman was seen parking her car in the lot and sitting in the driver's seat waiting for a company shuttle to take her to work at Panasonic.

Thereafter, a man walking to the parking lot, who had come from a nearby homeless encampment, approached the car while she was still sitting in the driver's seat, 'said something to her' and she moved over into the passenger seat. The man drove out of the parking lot.

Efforts On To Unveil Naomi Irion's Abduction Mystery

As reported in Daily Mail, last Thursday, police were searching an industrial park where they found her car around noon after receiving a 'ping' from her cellphone.

Police said that there was 'evidence of a crime' inside the car, but they did not reveal what they found.

According to the latest surveillance footage, the man suspected of abducting Naomi was seen pacing back and forth in the parking area just before she came near her car.

The search effort to find Naomi has been escalated in size and scope in the past week. In addition to investigation and fortified search by the law enforcement agencies, a large number of local citizens have also volunteered and formed search parties but there has been no trace of the woman.

Going a step ahead the family, friends and the volunteers are sharing the pictures, videos and details of Naomi which can prove helpful in getting the required clues.

A Twitter user wrote, "Naomi Irion is still missing. They believe this to be the abductors vehicle. LE asking for everyone's help. Interested in any of her belongings or clues that may help locate her. Her brother has requested that we all share this picture! Fernley, Nevada #MissingPerson"

"The facts indicate 18YO #NaomiIrion was abducted. Please, NEVER LET A STRANGER IN YOUR CAR, even at gunpoint. RUN and FIGHT. Please, community, there is a lot to look into in this case and hopefully Naomi can be found and her abductor brought to justice," stated another tweet.

Another twitter user while sharing the information stated, "Naomi Irion 18yo Missing from Fernley #Nevada @Walmartsince March 12th Lyon County investigators encourage anyone with information to call Lyon County Dispatch at 775-463-6620 or Secret Witness at 775-322-4900."

This article was first published on March 22, 2022