Where did Oscar winning actor Kevin Spacey go?

People are not happy about Kevin Spacey coming out

Kevin Spacey was one of the giants of the Hollywood film industry, respected, and looked up to actors of his time. His behind the scenes activities, however, came to light with over 30 people accusing him of sexual misconduct. One of the early revelations of the #MeToo movement, Kevin Spacey issued a quick apology which included his official "coming out" as a gay man and then disappeared.

He could be in any part of the world, speculates the report. Spacey owns massive, multi million-dollar homes in both Europe and the US. Where is he though? 'He's become a total recluse,' one of his friends told The Mail.

"No one has heard from him. He's vanished. It's almost unbelievable that someone of his stature can pull it off in a world where everyone has a cell phone."

One of the producers who knew Spacey once described him as having 'one of the most recognisable faces on the planet' while adding, "I was with him when he walked into a restaurant in Beverly Hills and the whole place applauded."

His last known photographs were taken at a rehab in November last year. He was supposed to be there for 45 days, but left in 21, since then he has completely vanished from the public eye. Speculations are rife that he could be in the Cook islands—an archipelago of 15 islands in the South Pacific—right now. "He's living as a hermit in the Cook Islands," said a British socialite who reportedly knew Spacey during his tenure at the Old Vic, "He's keeping his head down until this blows over."

A House of Cards crew member claims that Spacey is living in the South of France right now in a big estate. "He's been working out like crazy, doing massive oil paintings and keeping a low profile," claims the source.

As to why the world-famous actor is yet to be spotted by anyone, the source claims that he is too good an actor to be easily found out like that. "I wouldn't be surprised if he's not been seen because he is going out in public wearing a disguise. He's spent his life transforming himself into other characters – why not now?"

A different associate of Spacey suggests that he is, in fact, "hiding in plain sight" in a ranch in the Thousand Oaks, suburb of Los Angeles. "Kevin's been staying at a friend's place in Thousand Oaks," said the source. "He's become a hermit and never goes out."

In October 2017, Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp accused Spacey of sexually assaulting him a few decades ago at a house party. Since then, according to the Daily Mail, over 30 men have come out with their own stories, similar to what Rapp has said.

Till date, there have been no formal charges filed against the actor, but law enforcement in both LA and London are investigating the allegations that range from sexual assault to rape. In the UK alone, the report mentions that there are six active investigations on him. Some of these cases come from the Old Vic theatre in London where he served as the artistic director for 11 years, with his tenure ending in 2015. The theatre has since received 20 complaints against him so far, says the report.