As the world is grappling with COVID-19 here is a list of industries which are garnering profits

While the world is witnessing business losses in the time of a pandemic, some are profiting too! Here is a list

Thinking of who could make profits in the times of a pandemic like COVID-19, one may could guess on the mask making companies and medical industry in general, while companies like Netflix, Prime video has also seen a spike. Here is some of the industries that are profiting while airlines and business supply chains are being disrupted.

Robotics and delivery

According to the International Federation of Robotics, China has become the world's largest market involving industrial robotics and is also fastest growing. "China bought more robots last year than any country, and now is the time to put them to work," said Rosemary Coates, executive director of the Reshoring Institute, reported CNBC in the background of coronavirus shutdowns.

Delivery businesses like GrubHub, InstaCart, and UberEats have been on demand as many stay in home where COVID-19 pandemic has reached higher levels

Chinese e-commerce giant's automated warehouses witness daily orders nearly double from 600,000 in a week of the crisis. The company uses autonomous robotic vehicles to deliver necessary goods. Cainiao logistics company affiliated to Alibaba, has China's largest automated warehouse in Wuxi, uses 700 robots to speed up order fulfillment.

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With maintaining hygiene, hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, and other disinfectant products are selling like hot cakes globally that's making more than double profits in the face of rising demand. Lysol, Clorox, and Purell are among the major players in the field. Allen Adamson –founder of Metaforce, a marketing firm –told Adweek that such companies are already running factories 24/7 to keep up with demand.

Amazon, the largest e-com business in the US which has a worldwide video streaming platform too, arguably would profit from the situation say experts. With all these said, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in 2014 that about 20 percent of food service workers came to work, even when they had vomiting or diarrhea. This shows that such case is still possible now.

Thermal imaging and disinfectants

Thermal imaging is done in almost all the airports of the world. Augmented reality glasses by ThirdEye claim that it could be fitted with thermal imaging. Vox reported that the company says it received 2,000 orders that relates to coronavirus outbreak. Some were for the airport workers at Hong Kong International Airport. The gadget could also broadcast feeds directly to doctors.

Spraying guns that make use of charged particles, so that sprayed substance fully covers a surface are manufactured by many. Emist and EFS Clean's products are being used in Singapore and Utah.

Demand are 100 times greater than normal flu seasons, said Jeremiah Gray, the COO of EarthSafe, a biodegradable chemicals company. He added that these devices were usually purchased by offices, schools, and transit authorities reported Vox.

Looking at the stocks, these have high shares

The shares of the biotech company Moderna increased as the company sent samples of its new coronavirus vaccine to The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). It has already started testing. Gilead Sciences, company that is in its phase-III studies of antiviral remdesivir for treating COVID-19. Remdesivir is being used in very severe cases until measures are found, said CDC.

The Clorox Company, one third of the company's products include cleaning supplies like bleach, and while sales. The coronavirus pandemic is all about to increase its sales Costco Wholesale, the consumer goods company. About three percentage points of its increase on sales was the result of coronavirus as reported.

Lakeland Industries, selling protective clothing in time of the pandemic has witnessed a rise of 50 percent in shares. While it has it customers in China too. When there's work from home, video conferencing is needed. Zoom Video Communications provides such solutions for businesses. It has average daily downloads rose up over 180 percent in the first nine days of March. Also RingCentral which isn't as expensive as Zoom provides communications solutions using the cloud has also seen more spike in shares.

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