When Park Hae Jin struggled to remember his character names

Park Hae Jin
Park Hae Jin Twitter

tvN's upcoming drama 'Four Sons' began its first script reading session on January 9. Lead actor Park Hae Jin, After School's Nana, NU'EST's Ren, Lee Ki Woo, and Kwak Si Yang took part in the session along with veteran actors Park Geun Hyung, Kim Chang Wan, and So Hee Jung.

The pre-filmed drama is a mystery thriller that revolves around a female detective who discovers the quadruple brothers of the man she loved. 'My Love From the Star' fame Jang Tae Woo is calling the shots.

During the ice breaking session at the script reading, Park Have Jin struggled to remember all the four character names that he is playing in the drama. The tricky situation cracked up the entire hall in laughter. "It's my first time to act four roles at a time. I've already planned how I'll act these roles out. My goal is to result in big effect with small changes," he said. He soon got into his characters and reflected deep professionalism. Park will play the roles of Jung Il-hoon, Chen, Dong Jin and Michael while Nana will be detective Yeo-rin.

Nana received praise from the production team for her preparations while the youngest member Ren looked tensed and excited at the same time. The shooting is likely to be held throughout winter and the drama will be aired in early 2019. The drama was supposed to be aired on SBS and directed by Oh Jin-seok, but due to scheduling problems, both withdrew from the project.