When is Kim So Yeon getting married? The actress gushes about her experience with Kwak Si Yang in We Got Married

Kim So Yeon was seen with actor Kwak Si-yang in the wedding reality show, We Got Married.

Kim So Yeon opened about her marriage plans in a recent interview with Newsen. The 35-year-old actress who has enlivened reel life wife in the reality show, We Got Married, revealed that she is not ready to be someone's missus yet.

So Yeon who was seen romancing with actor Kwak Si-yang in the fourth season of wedding reality show asserted that she has got some fairy tale memories from the show and the path of marriage looked fancy. She said: "I really liked being on 'We Got Married. I wondered if the flowery path was something like this. I went once a week, and he fed me yummy food and took me to pretty places... And Kwak Si Yang was a good partner, so I felt touched many times. I have so many good memories."

"In dramas, there were many difficult, crucial moments in marriage, but in 'We Got Married,' I was happy. I tried all kinds of marriage, " So Yeon told the media outlet.

As far her marriage plans are concerned, the leading lady of Prosecutor Princess stated that she gets the same question asked numerous times, however, she is not ready for the marriage thing yet: "Because I'm getting up there in age, people ask me often [about marriage], and my mother's concerns grow every day."

She continued: " But I'm not sure myself. In the past, I went around saying I would get married at 37. That's not too far off, but to tell the truth, I'm still too lacking to take care of somebody and become somebody's wife. I don't know what's going to happen, but I have no intention to [get married] yet."