'When I Was the Prettiest' cast update: Ha Seok Jin may share screen space with Im Soo Hyang

The upcoming MBC drama, When I Was the Prettiest, is scheduled to premiere in August and it will focus on a complicated love triangle

Actor Ha Seok Jin, whose latest work includes a cameo appearance in popular tvN drama Crash Landing on You, is in talks to play the lead role in upcoming MBC drama When I Was the Prettiest. If he joins the cast list of this mini-series, he could be sharing screen space with actress Im Soo Hyang of Graceful Family fame.

The 29-year-old actress has also received an offer to appear in the Korean drama (K-Drama) as the female lead. Another popular actor who is expected to appear in the mini-series is Class of Lies fame Yoon Kyun Sang. He has also received an offer from the production team to join the cast list as one of the male leads in the drama.

What is the story of this K-Drama?

Ha Seok Jin and Im Soo Hyang
Ha Seok Jin and Im Soo Hyang may play lead roles in upcoming MBC drama C-JeS Entertainment, FN Entertainment

The romance drama will focus on a love triangle of two brothers – Seo Jin and Seo Hwan -- with a young woman named Oh Ye Ji. According to the official synopsis, the siblings fall in love with the same woman and they realise it only after her marriage. Though tension is created between the lead characters, they manage to find their own happiness.

If Ha Seok Jin joins the cast list of When I Was the Prettiest, he will be portraying Seo Jin in the drama. The character is described as a person with a lot of ambitions in life. But his desires never get fulfilled and he begins to suffer from depression. Though the character gets married to the love of his life, he leaves her alone and disappears.

Im Soo Hyang as Oh Ye Ji

The 29-year-old actress could be playing the role of Seo Jin's wife – Oh Ye Ji -- in the romance drama. The character is known for her positive attitude in life. She never holds a grudge against anyone and she deals with all her problems with a bright personality. Oh Ye Ji is also described as a person who is known for getting over things with a good cry.

Im Soo Hyang is yet to confirm her role in the MBC Drama. Her agency, FN Entertainment, said the actress is still reviewing the offer. "She is still undecided. She's in the process of choosing from amongst various projects," Soompi quoted the agency.

Yoon Kyun Sang as Seo Hwan

Meanwhile, When I was the Prettiest might portray actor Yoon Kyun Sang as Seo Jin's younger brother, Seo Hwan. The character falls in love with Oh Ye Ji and brings her to his family as an art teacher to impress his parents. But she gets impressed by his brother Seo Jin and gets married to him. Things take an unexpected turn after Seo Jin disappears.

The mini-series is written by screenwriter Jo Hyun Kyung and directed by Oh Kyung Hoon of Bad Thief, Good Thief fame. The drama is scheduled to premiere on MBC in August.