When Hong Seok Chun went to Han River to commit suicide after coming out as gay

Hong Seok Chun is one of the first Korean celebrities to come out as a gay in public.

South Korean celebrity actor, television personality and restaurateur Hong Seok Chun spoke about the time he tried to commit suicide and how his ex-boyfriend saved him from taking the extreme step. Hong Seok Chun spoke about the most difficult time in his life after coming out as a gay on MBN's programme 'Dongchimi."

Hong Seok Chun came out as gay in 2010. His announcement had shocked the entertainment industry and the actor had to face rejection from all quarters. Explaining his state of mind then, Seok Chun said: "I lost everything. Not even family understood me after I came out as gay. However, I am the icon of optimism, so I tried to go on for years convincing myself I can win. But in reality I could not."

Han Seok Chun

"Once I went to the Han River early in the morning. But before I end my life, I wanted to have a final talk with someone. As I couldn't talk to anyone in family in that situation, I called my ex, who knew me quite well. As the phone rang, I thought of letting everything go if it rings 10 times. But he picked up in 3 rings as he was surprised because I had never called him that late at night. His first response after picking the phone was 'Are you at Han River right now?' and cursed me out. The thought that he knew me very well made me laugh and I promised him to return home and did so," he said.

Since then if anyone talks about ending their life, Hong Seok Chun's answer is "If you're gonna die, sign an organ donation form."

He said that after listening to his advice people tell him that they will continue to live and thank him.

In 2010, Hong Seok Chun was one of the first celebrities to come out as a gay publicly. Seok Chun is also a member of Korean Democratic Labor Party. In 2015, he spoke about his plans to contest election for the district head of the Yongsan District Office in the 2018 local elections. His aim was to help young artistes and small businesses and also working towards welfare of the sexual minorities.

His dream was realized in the reel form in the recently released Park Seo Joon starrer Itaewon Class where he appeared as a person who wants to help small businesses.

In fact, Hong Seok Chun is a father of two children whom he adopted from his sister. He took in the two children and changed their last names to his after his sister got divorced. In 2008 Hong Seok Chun hosted a show 'Coming Out' where issues concerning gays were discussed.