When are the wedding bells ringing for Doctors' actor Kim Rae Won?

Doctors starring Kim Rae won and Park Shin Hye aired its last episode on 23rd August.

There is still plenty of Kim Rae Won to be seen in the word of K-pop culture. The actor, who just wrapped up his high rated show, Doctors, says that he is not willing to settle down and has stored quite a lot for future.

In a recent interview with Allkpop, when asked to throw some light on his dating life and , when the actor is planning to get hooked, Rae won responded: "I don't know. I filmed two movies and have a lot to do still. [Marriage] probably won't be for another few years. I'm not self-centered, but I have big dreams for the 2nd leg of my career."

The South Korean actor, who rose to fame in 2003 with romantic comedy series Rooftop Room Cat, also talked about his real life lady love from Doctors. Rae Won seemed quite impressed by Park Shin Hye's acting skills and relayed that he shared an impressive chemistry with the pretty actress. "Our chemistry could only be good because we tried hard to match each other. In some dramas, some actors just close themselves off and do their own things. But with this drama, we opened ourselves up. Acting is not something you do by yourself. I could have done a better job with Hong Ji Hong's character too, but people will not want to watch it for those reasons, and it would be useless. On that end, Park Shin Hye is very smart, " Rae Won asserted.

The Gourmet actor also revealed that he did not find it difficult to act along a female lead who is 9 years younger to him: "I didn't feel the age difference at all... We treated each other like friends and that was the right thing do to... I tried to match with Park Shin Hye, and because I'm the sunbae, Park Shin Hye would try to match with me, asking, 'How do you want to do this?" Kim Rae Won said.