South Korean singer and record producer, Wheesung, face a tough time while leaving YG Entertainment. The 34-year-old who is the YMC product now revealed that his previous label's ethics and thoughts did not really match with his.

During his interview with Esquire, Wheesung, whose real name is Choi Hwee Sung, stated the real meaning of coolness for both of them did not really coincide ever. He said: "It was really a risk leaving YG. If you're in YG, you can only do cool things. Everybody there wants to do cool things. But when you find out what cool really is, you look at something cool from a place that is not cool. I could personally find myself cool but others might not think that same way. I thought that there was a need for a viewpoint and discernment that would enable you to objectively look at what's cool."

Wheesung has reportedly made a shift into 5 different labels in his career. The singer is currently associated with YMC Entertainment and Universal Music group. He left YG Entertainment after his contract expired in March 2006. As per reports, Wheesung signed a new contract worth 1.5 million won with his new company Orange Shock Agency, before moving into YMC in 2011.

The R&B singer was once asked to compare the two giant celebrity label, YG and YMC, to which Wheesung stated: "YG Family has a very clear and direct musical color, whereas with Jin Ah Family [YMC Entertainment], you're pretty much free to do what you want."

"Our CEO always tells us, 'You guys do your music, I'm going to do mine.' Because of that, our artists pursue a diverse range of genres. Eru is into R&B, Maya is into rock, and Sung Jin Woo is into trot. When I was met with hardships, I sought Tae Jin Ah's help. I'm so thankful to him on a personal level for helping me pull through, " he told Naver.