Whatta Man was not based on a sexy concept, says girl group IOI

IOI is currently preparing for an October comeback

The seven-member IOI subunit opened about the muddled up concept of their recently launched single, Whatta Man. The girls revealed that they wanted to showcase a girl crush aura which was actually misinterpreted by many as sexy and sensuous.

During the interview with My Daily, member Choi Yoo Jung cleared the air and explained what the group actually wanted to depict. She said: "We came back with a girl crush concept but we were worried that it might seem sexy instead. As expected, there were people who thought that it was a sexy concept, but we didn't try to be sexy. But as we continued to promote and showcased our performances, they all recognized our girl crush concept and praised us, so that's a relief."

Meanwhile, the youngest member of the group, Jeon So Mi, who is said to be the 'centre' of the group also shared her views on adopting an appealing concept. She stated that keeping her age in mind, intimate performances doesn't really come to her: "Seeing that I only completed elementary and middle schools, I can't really do 'sexy' that well," she said.

The 15-year-old also shared few details over IOI's comeback as a whole group. The girl gang is apparently preparing for an October comeback. So Mi revealed: "We're currently preparing diligently [for our new album]. We're not sure what concept we will be coming back with. We might show an adorable side like Dream Girls."

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