WhatsApp video calling now available: Download APK file

WhatsApp for Android gets new video calling feature via beta update.

WhatsApp video calling feature
WhatsApp video calling feature for Android now available via beta update

WhatsApp for Android finally gets the video-calling feature via the latest beta version 2.16.318. The new feature is accessible only to a select number of users as the app is still under beta testing and development, suggesting a wider rollout could be just around the corner.

WhatsApp video calling feature now live
WhatsApp video calling feature now live

How to use new WhatsApp video calling feature

  • Those who are receiving the beta update notification can simply go ahead and install the app.
  • Once the app is installed, just launch it and tap on the call button in a conversation to view voice call and video call options.
  • Now choose the video call feature and you are all set.

The addition of new video-calling functionality to WhatsApp does not come as a surprise, as lately there has been tremendous competition from the likes of Skype, FaceTime and Google's newest video calling app called 'Duo', in the world of instant messengers and personal communication tools.

The video calling feature must be activated or installed on both the caller and the receiver's phone, before using it. It will not work if either the caller or receiver does not have the feature installed on their phone.

Anxious WhatsApp users who want to test the new feature can go ahead and download the APK file for the beta update, using the link below:

Download WhatsApp beta version 2.16.318