Whatsapp to offer two new features, Self-destructing messages and Dark mode: How these help you

The Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp is currently working on bringing various features on to the app. So far, we have seen the "Delete for everyone" and "Delete for me" feature on the Whatsapp. This feature gave 7 minutes for the users to delete previously sent messages. But later, it was extended to a 1-hour, which improved the transparency and safety in text messaging.

Recently we also saw some changes and new updates introduced by the company with regard to the versions required to run the app. The company is currently working on its new features - Dark mode and self-destructing messages.

These features were already introduced on other apps. The self-destructing messages feature is used in apps like Telegram, Snapchat, Signal and Bleep. The dark mode feature is also out on YouTube and Instagram.

Everything you should know about the upcoming features

Self-destructing messages: According to WABetainfo, this feature is currently in the alpha stage of development, which means there is no news on when will this feature be available for the users.

This feature allows users to self-destruct the messages which were already sent. As of now, this feature is available for Group Chats, where the users can disappear the messages after selecting from the given expiration time (5 seconds, 1 hour, 1 day, 7 days or 30 days).

WABetainfo - self-destructing messages
Self-destructing messages WABetainfo

After you use this feature, all the messages will self-destruct automatically as per the expiration timing options you choose earlier. The main point that you should note here is that once the feature is used, there will be no trace of information about the messages deleted in the chat.

Dark mode: As said earlier, this feature is already in use by various apps like Gmail, YouTube, and Instagram.

As per the news from WABetainfo, "Whatsapp is working very hard on the feature in the recent few updates, to ensure the best bug-free experience for you, before the release for everyone".

"There is no issue if you have updated your Whatsapp beta version and it's not visible for you, seen that it's underdevelopment".

Dark theme
Dark theme on Whatsapp WABetainfo

Once this feature is enabled, you can see the background is changed to the "blue night" color. But this feature is not working properly on text color. So it is expected that Whatsapp needs to fix this before the release.

However, there is a big advantages of the Dark theme feature. If you are using a mobile having AMOLED screens, then this feature allows you to save energy and improve the life of the mobile. The other advantage of this feature is that it improves readability.

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