WhatsApp Messenger now allows deleting sent messages; Download APK here

Know what the new WhatsApp Messenger functionality's limits are.

The latest WhatsApp Messenger update has finally rolled out the much-coveted functionality that allows users to remove sent messages. This update is not yet live in most countries as it will come in stages, so read on and download the APK at the end.

After months of rumours and anticipation, WhatsApp developers on Friday, October 27 started to push the feature that lets users recall sent messages.

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WhatsApp Messenger 2.17.400 beta version was released shortly after 2.17.399 version came out on Friday. Both versions come with the new feature but the latter is loaded with minor bug fixes on board.

Deleting sent messages is applicable to all recipients. There is no trick to it which means deleted messages are removed on both the receiver and sender's ends. Additionally, the receiver will not be able to search the message using keywords.

Apparently, this feature comes handy when a user mistakenly sent a message, misspelt words or if one just wants to take back what has been said, especially when what is said is not glorifying. However, there is an imminent danger arriving with it, particularly on conversations involving sensitive data.

Even so, the WhatsApp team has made sure to regulate deleting messages by setting limitations. Sent messages will only be deleted within 7 minutes after the user sends the message. Also, if the sent message has been opened or read by the receiver, deleting it will only affect their ability to screenshot the message or look for it later.

In addition, senders will not be able to know if the message being recalled has been effective on the receiver's end. Still, deleted messages will display "You deleted this message" while the recipient will see "This message was deleted".

Download WhatsApp Messenger 2.17.400 from APK Mirror.