WhatsApp to get new feature that will let you have peaceful vacation

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Facebook-owned WhatsApp is testing a new feature that will put an end to pesky notifications for good when you are on a vacation later this year.

Popular tipster WABetaInfo has discovered a new 'Vacation Mode' that is being tested on WhatsApp beta programme, which is exclusive to professional programmers and a very few registered public testers.

It is said to be a toggle on/off feature in the Settings and once activated, all the new messages will be archived and hidden so that the user will never have the temptation to look into the phone until he/she disables it. This will also help users to stay in the group and yet receive messages, which can be viewed later at the time of their convenience.

"The Vacation mode is also useful if you don't want a specific chat in your Chats List; if you mute and archive it, you will never see it again, except if you view your Archived Chats," WABetaInfo said.

This is being tested on both Apple's iOS and Google's Android platforms and if the previous release pattern is any indication, it might get released in the coming months, probably in time for Christmas holidays.

In a related development, WhatsApp is planning to bring account linking feature for WhatsApp with Instagram and Facebook. This is said to be similar to linking Gmail account with secondary email ID or a phone number so that whenever the user forgets the password of the main email account, he/she will be able to recover it through the mobile number.

Facebook also wants to have a similar feature for people if they want to recover Facebook or Instagram social media account and can do so with WhatsApp.