Is Whatsapp working again after being down in Singapore and world?

Whatsapp was not working for users in Singapore and world.

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The WhatsApp messaging application is seen on a phone screen 3 August 2017 (Thomas White/Reuters)

Whatsapp users had trouble operating the messaging app on Friday, November 3 due to a technical hindrance with the service.

It was down for thousand users in Britain and numbers went on gradually increasing. Users across the world, especially in countries like Italy, USA, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, India, Germany and Sri Lanka are facing the current outage.

Over 3000 Brits have reported issues with the messaging app. Thousands across the globe are struggling over the same.In a notice under the 'Help' section of the app, it is stated that: "Our service is experiencing a problem right now. We are working on it and hope to restore the functionality shortly."

Whatsapp wed that uses the phone's connection was also down. The US-based company immediately started fixing the problem.

Users in Pakistan and several other countries in the world are now being able to send and receive messages after a brief suspension of the messaging app. As per the latest update, the messaging app is back in action.