What's Wrong with Secretary Kim: Park Seo Joon talks about dating rumours with Park Min Young

Park Seo Joon
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South Korean actor Park Seo Joon has responded to dating rumours with actress Park Min Young. The 29-year-old artist and the 32-year-old actress worked together in TVN's recently-ended drama What's Wrong with Secretary Kim.

The romantic comedy features Seo Joon as the narcissistic businessman Lee Young Joon and Min Young as his secretary Kim Mi So. The couple were praised for their great on-screen chemistry.

During an interview, the Fight for My Way star was asked about the relationship reports circulating around them. He said, according to Allkpop: "I couldn't help but read everything since it's about me."

"They were saying we have many same items and travelled together. I wondered if I have to reveal my departure dates for proof. But in a way, I didn't think that was necessary since I haven't done anything wrong," he added.

"As for the 'couple items', people who like clothes and are interested in fashion would know that the items were a trend during the time. I have them in several colours, but if you say I'm dating her just by the one that happens to overlap then I must be dating Justin Bieber too (laughs). I have nothing to say if you're going to forcefully fit things like that. Some say I was obvious but I'm not sure what was obvious," he shared.

"There were many people who were curious and it's not true so I ended up talking about it," Joon stated.

Meanwhile, actress Pyo Ye Jin admitted she was shocked to hear dating rumours about her What's Wrong with Secretary Kim co-stars. During an interview with news outlet MyDaily, she said: "Their chemistry was really good. However, I never imagined that there would be dating rumours. When the rumours spread, everyone in our group chat was puzzled and questioned what was happening."

"If something like that happened to me, I think I would be happy because I would think of it as a compliment about how well I acted. I think it would feel rather strange," she shared.

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