What's It Like Managing the Largest Influencer Network? Shailen Vandeyar Explains It All

Shailen Vandeyar

The Australasian tech and marketing industry has recently seen a resurgence. It has been reported that the industry is taking a new shape with changing landscapes and shifting dynamics. One name that has been credited as the mastermind behind this resurgence is none other than Shailen Vandeyar.

With both marketing and media industries experiencing exponential growth, many have observed that these are the results of Shailen Vandeyar's efforts. The 25-year-old tech entrepreneur based out of Auckland, New Zealand has been credited with reshaping the dynamics of the local market, as he continues tirelessly in a bid to create more opportunities for deserving candidates. The young entrepreneur has similarly done the same with his previous ventures such as Gadgets You Need, Daily Dose Media, Trip2Book, and VG Media.

Most important of all, Shailen is known for leading the largest influencer network in the region. Featuring several leading platforms including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok, Shailen's network reportedly has one of the biggest media accounts on TikTok. With a massive following of 1.2 million users currently and a total of 52.6 million likes, @laugh is a top account on the most rapidly growing digital platform.

When it comes to influencers in the local Australasian market, some notable names include Neil Henry (@theneilhenry), Michael Fallon (@michael_fallon_), Marty, and Michael (@martyandmichael) and Jimi Jackson (@jimisworld). Shailen Vandeyar has also been known for helping to manage growth, branding, and monetization for all of these renowned content creators.

According to Vandeyar himself, "Managing the largest influencer network in the region is certainly exciting." Explaining his passion for marketing, he adds, "I believe our local market has a lot of potentials, and if handled properly, it can reach amazing new heights. This is exactly what I want to achieve with my efforts."

It's interesting to see how far Shailen Vandeyar will be able to take the local region on the global marketing landscape. One thing is for certain, the industry will be getting to hear the 25-year-old entrepreneur's name a lot more in the days to come.