What's between boy band Monsta X and MBC over exclusive choreography?

Monsta X performed their dance routine at Korea Music Wave 2016 in July

Monsta X
Members of South Korean band MONSTA X pose on the red carpet during 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong Reuters

South Korean boy group Monsta X has pointed finger at MBC for using their choreography routine at DMC Festival. The boy band alleged that the broadcasting channel adopted their special formulated moves without acknowledging or even asking for permission.

According to reports, the hip hop boy band performed a cover of Super Junior's "Sorry, Sorry" at MBC's Korea Music Wave event in Japan in July.

Apparently the boys created a few exclusive steps and mesmerized the audience with their incredible dance moves. However, Monsta X performance was not telecast, and fans were unaware of the choreography's origin. Although, people greatly enjoyed the adopted dance moves performed by BTS, G-Friend, TWICE, and Leeteuk at MBC's 2016 DMC Festival held past weekend.

Recently, band member Wonho addressed the issue and expressed his disappointment. Indicating the whole scenario, the singer relayed : "Yesterday during the opening at the DMC Festival, the seniors created a really good stage. They performed Super Junior's 'Sorry Sorry' with a dance break. We also had performed 'Sorry Sorry' in Japan, which wasn't broadcast, but it included a dance break that we choreographed. It was our own dance break.

He further continued: "But as we were watching the DMC stage, we were like 'Wait, we've seen this a lot before.' Once we found out that it was our 'Sorry Sorry' dance break, it felt really weird." The singer further revealed that they confronted the writers, and "they told us that they had given the choreography to other groups because it was so cool."

"I wanted to let everyone know that it was our choreography: " Wonho explained.