What would happen if humans go extinct? Check out the video here

human apocalypse

What would happen if humans went extinct? This question may seem a bit strange, but have you ever thought about the repercussions of our absence from the earth's surface. This question was recently tackled by a YouTube channel, 'The Infographic Show'. They have predicted the state of the earth in our absence and a video was uploaded on YouTube on December 21, 2017. It garnered more than 2,40,000 views within 48 hours.

Initial consequences

The first thing which will happen in the absence of humans is the shut down of electricity. Anything controlled by electricity including computers and other artificial intelligence devices will automatically shut down within a few hours. The lights all around the world will be switched off, and the entire planet will be pulled to a state of darkness during night time.

Within a week's time, most of the pets encaged will die and the same will fate looms over animals locked up in the zoos. Sometimes, powerful zoo animals including elephants, lions and tigers may succeed in escaping the zoo.These escaped animals will now start walking freely over the streets ruled by humans, and there will be no one to restrict them.

Shut down of nuclear power plants

Within a month or two, the nuclear power plants in the world will start exploding. Explosions will happen in oil refineries, following with floods in subways. After a year, man-made objects which we placed in Earth's orbit will start falling down, causing massive destructions everywhere. Within three or four years, the desert will gulp cities like Las Vegas and Dubai, and in the meantime, our houses and other buildings would become the breeding ground for mice and other insects.

Soon, plants and other vegetations will start growing in human-inhabited areas, and in quick time, it will attain the heights of mammoth buildings. Within 25 years, most of the planet including roads, and streets will be covered by natural vegetation resembling a thick forest.

After 100 years, most of the buildings, including strong structures like Eiffel Tower, on our planet will collapse. Within 500 years, cities like New Orleans will be completely under water. Even the Pyramid of Giza will be covered under water, but the Voyager probe will continue its journey in deep space. At that time, the only traces which indicate our past existence will be some stone constructions, and it may last forever.

However, this is not the first video made on this topic. Earlier, YouTube channel like TheRichest, #Mind Warehouse and Planet Dolan have also uploaded content on the same topic.

Check out the video here: