What would happen if Earth becomes the only planet in the Solar System? [Video]

A video explained what would happen to Earth if the other planets within the Solar System disappeared

A mini-documentary web series discussed the devastating scenarios Earth would encounter if it became the only planet in the Solar System. According to the series, all life on Earth would die if all or even just a couple of its neighbouring planets disappeared.

The catastrophic scenario was talked in the latest video of the YouTube channel What If. It explained how Earth's planetary condition would drastically change due to the disappearance of the other planets in the Solar System.

Finding Balance Within The Solar System

Solar system
Solar system Pixabay

Each planet within the Solar System has its own special place. Through their gravitational forces, the planets were able to position their selves in a way that they can orbit the Sun without bumping into each other. Unfortunately, if one or two planets disappeared, it would throw off the balance within the Solar System and change the positioning of the other massive objects.

"If Mercury and Venus ceased to exist, Earth might drift closer to the Sun," the video stated. "And if Jupiter or Saturn disappeared, instead if gong closer to the Sun, the Earth might drift further away from it."

The Goldilocks Zone And Earth's Destruction

exoplanet WASP-39b
WASP-39b has so much more water than Saturn, it must have formed differently from our famously ringed neighbor. Credits: NASA, ESA, G. Bacon and A. Feild (STScI), and H. Wakeford (STScI/Univ. of Exeter) NASA, ESA, G. Bacon and A. Feild STScI), and H. Wakeford (STScI/Univ. of Exeter

The same scenario would happen if all planets except Earth disappeared from the Solar System. Without the other planets, Earth's distance from the Sun would drastically change. This means Earth would be thrown out of the habitable area in space known as the Goldilocks Zone. This is a special region that exists around a star such as the Sun. Since it is neither too far nor too close to the Star, planets within this zone are often habitable.

If Earth moves away from the Goldilocks Zone, its environmental and atmospheric conditions would dramatically shift. If the planet moves closer to the Sun, its temperature would rise significantly, becoming too hot to support life. On the other hand, if it drifts away from the Sun, Earth could turn into an ice planet.

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