What Would Branden Condy's Legacy Be?

Branden Condy

Sometimes, it's easy to forget that entrepreneurs build things. It might be because, as opposed to a real building, the ideas, the products, and the businesses entrepreneurs create and develop and nurture and grow aren't as visible, at least not in that in-your-face fashion. While it might also be true that for some entrepreneurs, getting rich quickly is what it's all about, this isn't necessarily the norm.

Entrepreneurs can build things that can last. If asked, a number of them will also say that they are very concerned about the legacy—the effect their actions and activities had on other people, and how their role in business or society at large is perceived—they will leave behind them.

So it's only natural that Branden Condy, an entrepreneur from a rough background who had to fight hard for every single thing he has now, thinks about his legacy. He approaches it in different ways, and all of them inform the way he conducts himself in business and life in general.
The number one goal for Branden seems to be respect. Ask him what he wants to be known for, and he'll say, "I want to be known as the guy everyone respects." That might seem like a tall order, but looks often deceive, especially when there's a broader context that needs to be understood.

The fact that we are only transient in this world doesn't elude Branden. He's not one of those people who think they'll live forever; he's well aware of his limitations, as well as the fact that what he does while he's here will inform what remains of him when he's not.

So when talking about how he wants to be remembered, Branden would say, "as the guy who helped build others up to reach their full potential." Branden is working on that goal on several fronts, through business advising, inspiring people to work out, or giving people tools to build confidence around their appearance with his style.

These ventures all have one thing in common: they're all focused on the other, not Branden. It's almost as if this entrepreneur is more about the service to the community he builds, rather than making money—a cardinal sin for entrepreneurs, some would say. Still, there's no reason why anyone wouldn't try to do both.

To top it all off, Branden doesn't just talk the talk; he walks the walk through his daily interactions with the people who work with and for him, too. Branden is very big on building and nurturing a good team of people because he knows it's those people who will build and nurture his endeavors.

Taking care of the team isn't something that's a one-time occurrence, or that happens only when it's time to add a new member. It's a matter of daily routine, just as self-care is for him. People build each other up, and it's important to give back but also make their job as easy as possible. After all, it's the people he works with and the people who benefit from his work who make Branden so comfortable with taking risks, a necessity in the entrepreneurial world. Just as all those people would bet on Branden to make the right move, he would tell them, in a legacy-building fashion, "BET ON YOURSELF!"

To stay in touch with Branden, follow him on his Instagram profile, @brandencondy.