What Is White-Label Digital Card And What Advantages Does It Give To Customers?


The popularity of white-label cards significantly increased during the past couple of years. And many business owners decided to pay attention to this method of communication with their customers. However, this feature still remains unknown to many users, so it is time to talk more about it.

Let's see what are the main advantages of white-label digital cards, and how they affect your business at.

What Is White-Label Digital Card?

Describing it briefly, we can see that White-Label cards come as a great tool to promote your company. But diving deeper into the work of this card, we can see that there are a lot of nuances that make this payment system successful.

In fact, the white-label card is a great opportunity to give your customers or even employees special treatment. People who get access to white-label cards achieve a new level of boundaries with your company with special beneficial features that come in handy in their daily routines.

White-label cards are easy to get, and, in some cases, their functionality is quite similar to regular debit cards. However, they have a lot of advantages. Let's talk more about them.

The Main Benefits Of Using White-Label Cards

From the very beginning of discovering this topic, you might think that white-label cards are just a regular accessory. However, they have a lot of interesting and not obvious things to offer.

  • You can place your logo and brand marks on a card. This way, your clients will always remember about your company and will be more likely to advise it to their mates.
  • White-label cards are a great promotional tool. For example, you provide your loyal customer with such a card. He uses it to pay for different goods. His friends see it and wonder about the company that gave it. That's it. You attract more attention. And imagine giving such cards to multiple customers, or to your employees.
  • You create much stronger boundaries with your clients. It is crucial to treat your clients like a family and to make them feel special. With white-label cards, you show that you appreciate the choice of your customer and give a pleasant extra to their routine.
  • It is possible to add beneficial features to the card. Your card will not only be a pleasant reminder of your business organization but will also give some benefits to customers. It will make them use your cards even more often, which will also be great for both boundaries and advertising.
  • Easily customizable design. Your card will not only contain your logo but will also show some unique and special design elements. It will make it even more recognizable. Moreover, unique design solutions will make more customers happy with the card.
  • Cost-effective: Implementing a white-label card program can be a cost-effective way to offer branded payment solutions without the need for significant upfront investments in technology, infrastructure, and card production. This makes it accessible to businesses of various sizes and budgets.
  • Data and analysis. With a white-label card, you can calculate the spending patterns of your customers, so you will be able to offer them more and more attractive things.

There are a huge number of benefits. And you can easily start implementing white-label cards right now in your business.

Wallester A Great Solution For White-Label Cards

If you are interested in the best helper to organize your white-label cards, you should try Wallester. This application has an astounding amount of features, which give you an opportunity to implement white-label cards.

  • It is extremely easy to get started. You don't need to spend days trying to manage your cards. Just reach Wallester, and you will be able to customize the design, provide features, and start producing cards.
  • Wallester gives you an opportunity to get both digital and physical versions of your cards. Such a feature will be useful for conservative users, who are used to physical payment methods.
  • The security system of the cards will make them well-protected. All the transactions will be secured properly. Also, the developed fraud monitoring will protect users even more and will make their transactions fully manageable.
  • KYC and AML requirements are fulfilled, so your cards will be used under a proper jurisdiction.
  • All the payment solutions are available. Customers will be able to use this card for all their purposes without any difficulties.

White-Label cards can give a lot of profits to people who use them. Moreover, you can make their interest even better, by sharing part of your love with your customers via the great bonuses they receive. But pay attention only to reliable services, to make such cooperation successful.