What went wrong in Seolhyun and Zico's relationship? Singer spills beans

South Korean singer Seolhyun dated Bolck B's Zico for 6 months.

South Korean singer Seolhyun dated Bolck B's Zico for 6 months Instagram/seolhyun.aoa

Dating in public has made Seolhyun and her singer beau, Zico, part ways. The couple, who dated for 6 months, broke up after their relationship went public, apparently due to the overwhelming attention from the fans.

Exactly after a month into the split, the girl group member opened up about her relationship with the South Korean idol. Giving her take on the dating news, Seolhyun relayed: "In truth, I was shocked. It was surprising that there was a dating report about me, but the immense reaction toward me was also a surprise. It was fascinating, but also scary and nerve-wracking. Even more so because it hadn't been my intention to go public."

Seolhyun was reportedly shattered after the news broke. However, she dealt with the situation by showcasing her mature side. The 21-year-old expressed: "Even though I was shaken after the news first broke out, I don't think the incident will be too impactful on my life. Because I did nothing wrong. People meet, and part ways.. Anyone goes through relationships and breakups. I just think I experienced something as ordinary"

The singer-turned-actor revealed that the band members came to her rescue and made her at ease after she bid adieu to her relationship: " The members worried about me a lot. It was encouraging just for them to spend time with me. Even if you're not doing anything in particular, the thought of someone who thinks of me with sincerity and who wants to comfort me gives me strength."

Apparently, AOA's Seolhyun and Block B's Zico had met each other at an overseas assignment. As per reports, the boy group leader had a soft corner for the pretty singer and made generous efforts to comfort her when she went through the Korean history controversy.