What was the real reason behind Wonho's departure from MONSTA X; K-pop star sabotaged?

The fact that Wonho, a member of MONSTA X, a popular K-pop band would be in debt is not a far-fetched theory

K popstar Wonho quits Monsta X amidst debt allegations
K popstar Wonho quits Monsta X Instagram handle of Wonho

The world of K-pop was rocked when Wonho announced his departure from the band MONSTA X. Reportedly, In an official statement, Starship Entertainment explained that Wonho is permanently leaving MONSTA X and that the group will be promoting as six members starting today. The decision was based on Wonho's wishes to avoid causing trouble to MONSTA X, and Starship Entertainment will continue to take legal action against malicious rumours.

The K-pop star is leaving under a shadow of suspicion, but what is the real reason behind the departure of MONSTA X's most popular members.

The record label's statement only mentions "malicious and distorted claims." However, the media has linked the departure to a series of allegations that Wonho owed approximately $27,000 to a former roommate before he joined the band. Yet debt hardly seems like a career-ending sin. Not when Kanye West now regularly claims he's millions of dollars in the red.

The fact that a popular K-pop star would be in debt is not a far-fetched theory, however, the amount in question is not high enough for Wonho to not be able to pay it back if the allegations are true. So, his departure seems all the more mysterious.

Poster of Monsta X including Wonho
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Adding fuel to fire, new allegations of Wonho stiffing his debtors have come up with Jung Da Eun, with whom the 26-year-old singer was a close friend and who appeared on the famous K-pop show "Ullzzang Generation", claiming in her Instagram that he borrowed money and hasn't paid it back. She also added, "That annoys me after seeing him on TV. As soon as I find out his number, he disappears." These are inflammatory allegations that are adding their voice to the crowd.

It didn't stop there with Han Seo Hee joining the witch hunt and also claimed that he owes her money. Starship Entertainment responded to these accusations by standing by Wonho, they said that Jung DaEun's claims aren't true. They explained that the entertainment company will not be responding to their claims since it is all false. Meanwhile, Jung Da Eun continues to accuse Wonho, revealing that back in 2008 he was a suspect in an aggravated theft investigation. Starship Entertainment has not yet responded to that particular claim from Jung Da Eun.

Wonho was a rising star in the K-pop scene who was about to make his debut in the coveted North American market. The timing of the tenuous scandal is suspect. It may even lend credence to the theory that Wonho was set up or his career sabotaged.

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Fans, however, want him back with MONSTA X. Apparently, Fans in Korea have also left post-it notes outside Starships' headquarters with messages of support for the singer. You can check out his letter to the fans below.

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