What is Tom Steyer's 'mantra' to take Donald Trump down? The Democratic candidate reveals

Liberal billionaire from California, Tom Steyer stole the attention from Pete Buttigieg and shouted out a mantra that he claimed can defeat Donald Trump

Liberal California billionaire and Democrat candidate Thomas Fahr Steyer repeatedly chanted a mantra that he claimed can bring down Donald Trump. Speaking at a debate of Democratic candidates held at New Hampshire, Thomas Steyer stole the attention from Pete Buttigieg and tried to impress the moderator and audience with his winning mantra.

Steyer said that the only way to defeat Trump and stop him from getting reelected is the economy. "It's the economy stupid," said visibly angry Steyer. Unlike other candidates who tried to put forth their arguments in the form of talk and points, Steyer used an angry face and tone to put forth his point of view.

What is Steyer's mantra to beat Trump?

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An American hedge-fund manager, philanthropist, environmentalist, liberal activist, and fundraiser Steyer diverted the talk on health care and asked the Democrats to concentrate on one point that is 'stronger economy.' He appealed to moderator George Stephanopoulos that Democratic Party should follow the policy that was used by Bill Clinton during Presidential election in 1992. Coincidentally the current moderator Stephanopoulos was one of Bill Clinton's key advisors.

Steyer explained that Democrats were being cornered by Trump using the same mantra and he urged them to focus on the economy to bring Trump down. Clinton during his tenure made sure as promised that the economy was robust. The US had recorded economic growth of around 4 percent annually and also there was a record job creation of 22.7 million.

Steyer regrets that he invested in private prisons

Steyer also justified his candidacy and said that he has helped eradicate private prisons in California. In fact, Steyer himself was one of the early investors in private prisons. But after the protest by students of Yale University, he divested funds in 2006. He even expressed regret over his involvement in the issue.

Since then he started working towards criminal justice reform and swore to close private prisons in the country. During the debate, he said: "I worked to end private prisons in California, and they're gone." Steyer said. Though in fact the private prisons have not been completely eradicated in California, surprisingly, Steyer did not face any backlash during the debate.

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