What is Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation? NYC Smile Design Explains What You Need to Know.

Pinhole gum rejuvenation

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Pinhole gum rejuvenation is performed to correct the recessed gums. When the gum tissues have recessed, the roots of the teeth are left exposed, making them more susceptible to damage that may lead to decay. Teeth grinding, hard brushing, gum diseases, poor oral hygiene, aging, and normal gum wear and tear are among the common causes of receding gums. The ideal candidates for a pinhole gum rejuvenation surgery must,

● Not have extensive bone loss in their jaws

● Be generally healthy

● Be experiencing gum recession

Pinhole gum rejuvenation involves a minimally invasive surgical technique for treating gingival recession. The procedure is different from soft tissue grafting and starts by making holes in the gum tissue that is receding. Once the hole is created, the dentist then places a device into the hole to peel and stretch the gum. This is done to reposition the gum into a healthier position on the tooth. Dentists then use collagen strips to keep the gums in place after placing the gum tissues in the desired positions. The pinhole surgery's minimally invasive nature ensures less tissue damage thus allowing for the growth of new tissues that will ultimately hold and secure the gums permanently.

The procedure is quite effective as it corrects the gum recession by repositioning the gum tissues to cover the exposed roots. NYC Smile Design's dental specialist Dr. Mello helps patients understand the post-treatment lifestyles that will be needed to prevent future gum recession. The entire pinhole gum rejuvenation process takes approximately two to three hours, with specialists advising for at least two sessions to achieve desired results. The process is pain-free as local anesthesia is used to numb the gum area under operation. The surgery is also less invasive as no cuttings or sutures are involved. The process does not require much time to heal, and the patients will recover faster than alternative treatment methods.

Some of the benefits of a pinhole gum rejuvenation surgery include,

● Regaining the lost smile

● Short recovery period as there are no sutures involved. Hence patients can resume their normal life soon.

● It does not interfere with other mouthparts as there is no need for extra tissues.

● Ability to treat and repair as many teeth as the patient desires in one sitting.

You can pay a visit to NYC Smile Design for a pinhole surgery treatment that will address your specific issue and leave you with more comfortable gums and a beaming smile.